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In desperate need of fosterers
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2010, 23:57:45 PM »
Hi Everyone
I know rescues all over the country are sinking under the weight of cats and kittens this year and we are in exactly the same situation. I've just spoken to Pat, the lady who takes the initial telephone calls from people needing to rehome their cats, and she was in tears. Usually she is able to put up a bit of a barrier as she knows we can only do so much and cannot help everything that we hear about, but it's really been getting her down recently and I think today was the last straw with so many people ringing in desperate need of help. One lady is unable to look after her two cats as she has secondary cancer and so many people are in desperate straights with having to move out and unable to take their pets with them. A cat was being touted from door to door last week as the man didn't have anywhere to live himself, let alone his cat. Someone took it in for a couple of days to see if anyone could take it in but we heard today that it had been taken into the vet we use and they had to put it to sleep (I'm quite annoyed they did that as it's not something they normally do) purely because it had nowhere to go.

Anyway, we are a registered charity and are DESPERATE FOR MORE FOSTER HOMES IN THE LEICESTERSHIRE AREA. We provide all food, litter and everything else that's needed to care for the cat. We have volunteer drivers who transport the cats and kittens so our fosterers are not expected to do any running around unless they want to or if there is a dire emergency. If anyone is interested in finding out more please get in touch with me by e-mail  Many thanks. National Animal Trust.

PS we are also always looking for more volunteer drivers. Drivers use their own car but we pay petrol expenses.
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The National Animal Trust.  Operating in Leicestershire, we are a registered charity that, as well as promoting responsible pet ownership, has two principal aims – the rehoming of cats and kittens, and helping to prevent the indiscriminate breeding of cats through our subsidised neutering scheme.


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