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Author Topic: 8yr M cat needs foster/temp foster (stafford area) /new home (Unknown outcome)  (Read 1313 times)

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I'm moving this thread to sorted section now if there are any updates or news please can you pm me   :thanks:
Please consider the harder to home cats in rescue.

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On behalf of RSPCA Stafford Wolverhampton Branch, I am looking for a foster home or temporary foster home (or permanent home!) for a grey and white 8 yr old boy who has been through a rough time and needs some help.

He is living temporarily with a lady who took him in after he was found in the local park being picked on by local youths. She is unable to keep him as her own cats now keep running off because this boy is about. He is friendly, and gets on very well with the ladies 5yr old daughter but because of her own cats she cannot keep him. He still needs building up and some tlc after his ordeal.

She has tried all the local rescues but they, as we are, are full. If we can find a foster home for him we would be able to offer rescue back up but we simply do not have any more space in the pens. Can anyone in the Stafford or immediate surrounding areas offer a foster home, either until he is rehomed or temporarily until we can get him a pen space.....or if anyone would like to offer this boy a permanent home (which could be anywhere in the UK following a homecheck)please get in touch.

If anyone feels they may be able to help please email me on or ring me on 07504 793931.

This is getting to be desperate as the lady cannot keep him much longer.
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