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Hi Ron

Thanks. Hope you and all your babes are well.  :Luv:

Yes we have started a new fundraising scheme this year where the rescue that benifits will be out of the next fundraiser vote so each rescue will be able to get funds eventually over time. It will be reset within a set period to be decided yet.  It is very difficult to get the proceedure for choosing the rescue for each fundraiser right so it is fair to everyone and definately not a competition. Every single one of the rescues are fantastic and sooooo deserving.
Each time we gain a little more expereience at trying to get the way we choose a rescue for each fund right and we do welcome members ideas for this.  :hug:
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Hi to everyone and good luck to Flintshire cat rescue i know the money has gone to a good use. But to be Fair i think at the next fundraising event lostcatsbrighton and Flintshire cats should be left out. and that will give other needy rescue,s a chance to get some help like me and Dawn have had, as i know we are all struggling with our vet bills


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