Author Topic: Help this lady to find a rescue Siamese. Merseyside area - sorted  (Read 8511 times)

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Help this lady to find a rescue Siamese. Merseyside area - sorted
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2010, 08:16:16 AM »
Hi folks.. as a branch we plaster the free adds with our contact details. This is one i post for pedigree cats as we do get them in our care and as a whole so do many branches.  However, i have had an email through from this lady in reply to my posting.. She isnt local so its pointless me be able to try and suss a puss cat out and of course whatever she will need to be homechecked by a rescue.. But i find it hard to believe that in the whole of Merseyside there are no Siamese looking for a home!!!!   I have not rang or emailed her yet.. but i do have her email details.. So can Purrs come up trumps and find her a puss cat to enquiry about..

Did you know that just because a puss cat is a pedigree breed it can still end up in a rescue organisation? So please think about adopting a posh puss in a rescue rather then fuel the trade in even more kittens out there that may not find a loving home to call their own. Many posh puss cat... [more]  

Hi i saw your add and just wanted to say that its not that easy to adopt a posh cat, ive been sending messages around the differant organisations, stating i would like to give a home to a siamese cat, most get back to me and say im too far away, and they dont have any, and there doesnt appear to be any in merseyside for adoption. I think i will probarbly end up buying one out of the paper. If by any chance you know of anybody that does have a siamese that would like a loving familly home, , please feel free to email me.I would like one not too old. I live on landican lane on the wirral  im surrounded by farmland, i have an older cat oriental/havana 
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