Author Topic: Missing since 7th November. Tabby and White 18 month old tom cat, North Lincs.  (Read 8374 times)

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Missing since 7th November. Tabby and White 18 month old tom cat, North Lincs.
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Hi, I have already posted about my missing cat on catchats lost and found section but i thought i should post it here too, I have taken the last part of this post from my post on catchat. I have been following everyones stories  and i'm glad to see a few people have found thier missing cats since mine went missing on 7th november.  He's a Tabby and white Tom cat called Pickle missing from New Barnetby, North Lincs....though he could be anywhere by now  :scared:  I had been keeping him in the evenings due to it being fireworks week but my housemate let him out not long after i'd gone out saturday afternoon, forgetting it was still firework week. When i returned and realised he was out i called him in but he didn't come....he only comes when he wants to. I persisted in calling him but  it had just started to get dark and the house a couple of doors down started to let off fireworks. No one else bothered, and i was expecting the odd one or two, hence why i wanted him in. To my horror, they continued from Tea-time until 2am. They were PROPER DISPLAY fireworks too and went off directly over my house >:( To be fair, it wasn't there was mine...but i couldn't help getting  :censored: with them going off everytime i shouted Pickles name.  I called him until 4am...he didn't come home. I went to bed with the window open incase he called to come in (and have done everyday since) I got up at 7am the next day and walked around the whole area, around the village, up the footpaths and country lanes but couldn't find him anywhere. The longest he has ever been missing is 12 hours, usually goes out for a few hours at a time and comes home for his food, cuddles and a play and a sleep. I started my leaflet drop that night, i just had a really bad feeling he wasn't going to come home.

I'm Absolutely distraught,  I check the internet obsessivley in the hope i may get a possible sighting or found ad that matches his description, i check all the lost and found registers, local rescues/vets, and have him listed on various websites. I have been seraching on foot and by car since the 8th November, have posted fliers into every letterbox in the village and the one that joins on to it. Have put up posters in shops in all towns and villages nearby, on telegraph poles and public footpath signs. I live in a ruralish area and also live close to a train line. I dont think the line is the danger, he has known it  for over a year and half, but if he followed the line then he could be anywhere????? My housemate who loves the cat just as much as also helped me tremendously with the searching, he even bought a night vision scope in the hope we may be able to see him when we continued our searches at night. Searching on foot and by car is getting a lot harder for me to do as i am 38 weeks pregnant and feel so badwhen i'm not out looking for him. I try to compensate by using google, and searching the entire net for 'Tabby and white found' Stray North lincs' uand many other combinations, along with rescue sites, classifieds and forums.

I can't even go to the shop without spontaneously bursting into tears before i get there, and at night i sob myself to sleep but its like when your a child and you cry...the type that makes you feel sick. I have to think though, however bad i feel, my poor pickle cat must be feeling 100 times worse...and that doesn't help really. He's a bit of a savvy cat, but i live in a rural area so he was never used to much traffic. I'm filled with Shudda, Wudda Cudda's (and we all know they are the last words of a fool!!!)....I never got round to getting him neutred and microchipped  :-[ ...I feel so guilty...i let my baby boy down, i had him since he was 8 weeks old. He was just starting to get quite independant..teenagerish..treating the house like a hotel, then i took in an orphan kitten which he took to after a few made him all soppy again, and very kittenish having a playmate about the house. Now, he's all alone somewhere :o(
I did however have a glimmer of hope last friday, i had gone to a cat rescue 15 miles away to check to see if a cat they had brought in was mine, it wasn't....but the rescue lady handed me her phone and she told me to speak to her friend who is meant to be a bit Psychic. The lady told me that she was sure he was alive, was feeling sorry for himself as he had to catch his own dinner as no-one was feeding him and that he was miserable and wanted me to find him. Okay, whilst i take this with a pinch of salt, the thought that he was alive and uninjured gave me some hope, but thinking he wants me to find him, and he was miserable left me feeling guiltier...if that was possible. Anyway, sorry for the majorly long post. I have listed links to where he is listed as it has pics and descriptions should anyone on the site or anyone who browses it come across him.

thanks for reading x  :thanks:


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