Author Topic: HELP FOR 'OUR' JULIE'S GREEK RESCUE SHELTER  (Read 1931 times)

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Don't know if it's ok to do this on here, but one of the ladies on Catchat, Jullie, lives in Greece and helps out at the local animal shelter. She has 9 cats and 4 dogs of her own, all but one rescued! She has told us of the awful cruelty and neglect over there and how a few are trying really hard to help these poor creatures. The shelter is desparate for flea and worming treatments. We have set up a fund and currently we have £500!!!! A friend of hers comes to the UK every couple of months and stays for 3-4 weeks. He will be coming in the next couple of weeks so i will order the meds and have them delivered to the UK address and he will take them back to Greece.
If anyone would like to donate, i have set up a Paypal account or i can provide my address for cheques if necessary! Thank you!

This is the link:


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