Author Topic: Tiger the Clans Diabetic Feral!  (Read 4520 times)

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Tiger the Clans Diabetic Feral!
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2009, 22:27:38 PM »
Tiger came to us as a really nasty full on feral aged about a year - Sweetie and Toerag let him come in for food and Robin said if you can catch him you can keep him - 2 broken fingers and a wrecked bathroom later Tiger joined the family!

He was so bad that for the first 6 years of his time with us he was knocked out even for routine injections - he also lost his tail after being hit by a car and was left with a 1 inch stump - the prognosis was he would not jump again=gain due to the damage he sustained but like all Clan cats Tiger proved the vet wrong and instead of 4 months on cage rest 6 weeks later he was back marauding the neighbourhood.  Tiger weighed in at nearly 8 kgs like his later brother Toerag so was a big tabby boy!

He became diabetic a year after we moved here - he was our surgeries first diabetic cat and became stabilised very quickly and was on 2 injections a day not the easiest thing to be diabetic in a nice cat and Tiger was very good and loved food so everyday he had extra meals and was for 2 years a text book patient very sadly on a routine visit he had a heart attack and died in my arms at the vet - his bloods that day were still perfect

He taught us how to give injections and that a cats illness is really condition we as his parents had to learn to cope with Tiger on the other hand loved food so it was no problem to him - he continued to be indoor/outdoor and came home every night at 7pm for his injection and saucer of cheese

We wouldn't hesitate to take on another diabetic cat in the future so there may be that special one out there destined to become a Clan Cat ;D
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