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Disclaimer and Statement - RACR rescue
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Important Disclaimer

With immediate effect (22/7/09), Wendy  is no longer a representative or has any association with RACR Nottingham. If you have any queries in relation to this disclaimer please email RACR on .



In light of the tragic events at WARAS, it has made many of us re-evaluate our rescue procedures. RACR had started to implement “spot checks” on our foster carers. The purpose to purely ensure that all animals within our rescue are receiving the best care possible.

On Monday 20th July, a transporter that had visited the home of Wendy and contacted RACR with some serious concerns about the conditions. RACR requested assistance from K9 Search UK, who agreed to carry out a spot check on our behalf. On Wednesday 22nd July, Jennie from K9 Search UK,accompanied by a local dogwarden, attended the address and carried out checks of ALL rooms. By early evening K9 Search UK provided us with a full written report and photographs to support. It was evident that the conditions at the property had deteriorated since the homecheck of 3 months earlier and there were clear serious signs of animal neglect. With this we immediately made arrangements for our animals to be removed from Wendys care. On Thursday 23rd July 2009, a transporter from K9 Search UK along with L Phillips from Rodent Refuge (who also had animals in foster care with Wendy) attended and removed several animals including one dead hamster from the property.

All of the animals removed received vet checks on Friday 24th July 2009. Several rats were treated for infected lesions, absesses and skin complaints. The other animals were suffering from weight loss and dehydration. Initial checks on the hamster indicates that it died from starvation.

We know that there are several animals remaining at the property, but we are unable to trace where they originated from. For the welfare/safety of the remaining animals we have contacted the RSPCA and the local authorities for assistance.

Whilst we have been dealing with this situation, we have been made aware of further matters which are of grave concern. We were aware that Wendy had an online shop, she had openly stated that the profits from all sales would be donated to our rescue. We have learnt from individuals that purchases have been made, yet we have not received any donation from Wendy. Also it would appear that Wendy has implied that she was in financial control of RACR which was/is totally inaccurate. We would really like to hear from anyone that has purchased goods from pawsforacause thinking we would be benefitting from the sale. Also if anyone has made a financial contribution to Wendy for RACR we would like to hear from you too.

Can we ask that if anyone has any questions that are not covered in this statement to contact us  privatly rather than going on hearsay which in turn leads to unnecessary speculation.

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