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So I will starting with Part One 2007 and will bring up to date each year.

They are very emotional for me but give me lovely memories and visual images
I hope you enjoy.

This thread will be locked so you cant comment on it sorry.

THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS - on the Bridge  (Part One 2007)

All the cats are gathering
On the puuuuuuurfect day
Food piled high in boxes
Ready to go under trees
Excited meows and purrs
Can be heard from all around
On the day before Christmas

The walls are lined with drawings
Of slaves they once had
Never to be forgotten
Memories of love and care
Stories are being told
Of adventures and fun
On the day before Christmas

Cats in the kitchen
Making tomorrows feast
Bowls are all sparkling
Ready to drink a toast
To all those who loved them
And feline friends on the Bridge
On the day before Christmas

As the sun goes down
Its a clear sky with only stars and moon
The cats all line the Bridge
And raise their paws together
To celebrate a birth tonight
Of the newest kitten there on earth
On the day before Christmas.

 :xmas 7: :xmas 7:

THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS - on the Bridge  (Part Two  2008)

Last year we celebrated together
Oh how quick another year has gone
Cats are busy, decorating and cooking
Making clean the Rainbow Bridge
Soon it will be celebration time
On the day before Christmas

Plates and dishes sparkling
With food of many kinds
Some just right for the kitties
Some just so for their slaves
A party soon to be held
On the day before Christmas

As afternoon turns to dusk
And the first star shows in the sky
Excitement is building
All over the Rainbow Bridge
Waiting to meet their friends again
On the day before Christmas

Time approaches midnight
Get in line comes the call
Make sure your fur is clean and shining
Tails either up or round your paws
The path will not open long
On the day before Christmas

Its time its time purrs someone
And the Bridge opens its doors
The moon lights the pathway
All the cats are ready and waiting
To exchange strokes and purrs
On the day before Christmas

Raise a dish or a glass
To our friends on earth
Say the Bridge cats
We have such a short time to meet
On the Rainbow pathway
On the day before Christmas

 :xmas carol: :merry xmas: :xmas carol:

THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS - on the Bridge ( Part Three 2009)

Another year has passed
And the cats all gather on the Bridge
This year we have so many new friends
But it would not be right to give their names
We do not show preference
Cos we all live in peace
On the day before Christmas

Each cat has a task
Cleaning, cooking and so much more
The trees have been decorated
And are sparkling in the setting sun
Presents have been placed
For their special friends
On the day before Christmas

Since last year the cats have a gallery
Of pictures they have drawn
This is their permanent reminder
Of those who gave them love and care
Some cats had nobody
But are now loved by all
On the day before Christmas

The cats would love to invite their slaves
To visit for a time
But they know this cannot happen
So they send signs throughout the year
A rainbow or something very purrsonal
Cos they want to stay in touch
On the day before Christmas

Arrangements are nearly finished
And the clock is ticking down
To the time just before midnight
The cats all purr in expectation
And its a fair roar across the Bridge
The path is opening
On the day before Christmas

Paws and hands touch
And kisses are exchanged
So much excitment and tears of joy
Its only once a year this can happen
And only minutes to say hello
But all the cats love this moment
On the day before Christmas

:xmas 8:   :xmas 8:

The Day Before Christmas - on the Bridge  (Part Four 2010)

Crash Bang Wallop all the cats look round
The kitchen cats are mortified
All the dishes are on the ground
Dont worry says the wise cat
Who has been on the Bridge for many years
There is still time to sort this out
On the day before Christmas

All the cats pick up the dishes
And pass them to the washing cats
Then the cleaner cats get busy to sort out the mess
The cooking cats will start again
To make loads more food
And the table cats will set the places
On the day before Christmas

Just once a year the path to the Bridge opens
And cats and slaves can meet 
Mama cats sort out the kittens
Making sure their suits are clean and smart
All whiskers are preened and claws are clipped
Nothing can beat this time
On the day before Christmas

Not all cats have slaves
So each cat takes two who have no one
Cos they know that their slaves will care
All kittens have a mama cat to help
So they dont get lost or scared
And every cat will have someone to meet
On the day before Christmas

The sun is going down
And the Bridge is full of excited cats
The table looks wonderful
And the candles are being lit
Get in line comes the shout
And purrs echo round the Bridge
On the day before Christmas

I can see it opening says a ginger kitten
Yes me too says an old tabby cat
Look at that wonderful sight
Says a chunky black and white
All the slaves stretch back for miles and miles
I am going to have a slave at last says a lost cat
On the day before Christmas

The gate to the path fully opens and there is a rush
A sea of coloured fur  meets human hands
Tears and purrs mingle oh what a happy time
Once again magic on the path to the Bridge
For just a short time dreams and wishes come true
It happens each year on this special night
On the day before Christmas

 :xmas carol: :xmas carol: :xmas carol:

The Day Before Christmas - on the Bridge (Part Five 2011)

The blue eyed cat looked all around him
And heard the happy sounds of his new friends getting ready
For the special time when the pathway to the Bridge will open
He laid his dark head on his white paws with a wistful look
Thinking I wish I was down there with her
On the day before Christmas

Are you alright my friend said the ginger cat its my first time too
I am sad said the blue eyed cat it seems so long since I saw her
I remember her hands on my fur and her tears were falling
She didnt want me to leave and asked me to forgive her
And of course I do cos it was just my time
On the day before Christmas

Come on said the ginger cat lets help all our friends
Dont you think its looking good and the food smells so tasty?
Yes I think she will love it all and I cant wait to touch paws
Me too says the ginger cat I miss my slave so much
We had such good times together and remembering is hard
On the day before Christmas

The blue eyed cat and the ginger cat  smiled sadly at each other
And rubbed heads with gentle whiskery purrs
There are so many new cats here I guess we all are a bit scared
What will it be like when the gate opens, will we see our slaves
You do think they will come , oh yes definately says the blue eyed cat
On the day before Christmas

Come on you two says the black and white cat
Those presents need moving to over there by the decorated tree
Ahhhhhhhhh just like at home then says the blue eyed cat with a slight grin
Did you ever...........oh yes I did says the ginger cat and it fell down
Both cats start laughing when they remember happy times
On the day before Christmas

The tables are set and the food is being brought out
And the tree is sparkling in the late evening sun
The Rainbow Bridge is alight with the sound of meows and purrs
Cats everywhere are washing themselves and grooming each other too
The blue eyed cat is looking so smart and the ginger cat finishes doing his tail
On the day before Christmas

The sky is turning from yellow and orange to midnight blue, the first stars appear
There also is a moon on this special night and its clear and frosty
Lines and groups of cats start to form each with a gift for a slave
Excitement is growing and the blue eyed cat waits expectantly
The ginger cat cant stop purring  cos he is so nervous
On the day before Christmas

Is everyone ready comes the message, its nearly time
Meeoows answer yes and yes and yes
In the distance there is a glow and the path can be seen
All the  cats lift up their heads and look at the long queue of people
The blued eyed cat and the ginger cat look anxiously towards the crowd
On the day before Christmas

Suddenly the path opens and there is a rush from both sides
Cats and slaves are touching and tears of happiness are flowing
The blue eyed cat holds out his white paws to his human and they cuddle so close
The ginger cat purrs to his human and they exchange headbutts and strokes
All around cats meet their humans and share their love again
On the day before Christmas

 :xmas 8: :xmas 8: :xmas 8:

The Day Before Christmas on the Bridge (Part Six 2012)

Late summer and a blue-eyed cat goes to the entrance of the Bridge
He has tears in his eyes as he greets his brother
It was only 3 days ago that they shared their birthday
And he never expected to meet his blue-eyed brother so soon
They walk off to a private place to talk
First showing the other new entrants the way
On the day before Christmas

The year has gone so fast ands the cats are still astonished
Things have changed so much with the new technolgy
They now have tv and laptops with mice
And communication across the Bridge is so much easier
There is even a website that some smart cat has devised
Catsondabridge.rbb and am sure it wont be the last
On the day before Christmas

The newer cats are teaching the longtimers
How to use the keyboards and they are learning fast
Its just like being back at home with our humans
We used to write all the time and leave messages for our friends
Do you remember that place called Purrs
Oh yes I loved it there came many replies
On the day before Christmas

A group of excited ginger kittens rush across the field
Mama Cat Mama Cat what is that coming over the hill
Its the trees for decorating says Mama Cat
Go gather all the other kittens ready to climb the trees
The blue eyed boys and their friends bring in the decorations
And start organizing the kittens with a gang for each tree
On the day before Christmas

Excitment on the Bridge is building and the internet is buzzing
Tonight the meowmys will be here and there is loads of work to do
The tables have been put out ready for the food
Trees are sparkling in the sun and presents are being put underneath
The kitchen smells wonderful and the tables all have candles
Cats are rushing around finishing the decorations on the Bridge
On the day before Christmas

A persian cat looks at the horizon and sees the sun going down
He has a tear in his eye as he sees the first star
Whats the matter mayte says a black cat and puts a paw round his friend
I will be so happy to see my meowmy again and wish she could stay
One day my special friend but tonight she will be able to cuddle you
And all the cats will have someone special to meet
On the day before Christmas

I think we are ready comes the message across the Bridge
The cats all look at each other and smooth their fur
Gosh I am nervous says one of the blue eyed boys
A white cat practises her slow blink to a ginger cat
Tabby white feet checks to see if his stripes are aligned
A group of persians gather together in the line
On the day before Christmas

Its time, its time and the cats as one watch the Bridge open
And they all move towards the entrance
As the moon lights the way they see miles of humans on the other side
Every cat has a present and cats who never had a human do now
Electric excitement surges and the the path is open
The stars light up  all the smiles and happy tears
On the day before Christmas

:xmas 7: :xmas 8: :xmas 7:

The Day Before Christmas -  on the Bridge (Part Seven 2013)

Its that time again and the year has gone so fast
There have been so many new cats arriving
Too many kittens who spent such a short time down there
The Bridge is buzzing as usual at this time of year
And there will be fun, laughing and some tears
When the Bridge opens
On the day before Christmas

Two ginger boys meet each other for the first time
And shed a few tears remembering their home
But soon they are chasing feathers and rolling around having fun
No one can stay sad here for long
A group of kittens rush past
This is the only home they have really known
On the day before Christmas

A quorum of senior cats sit in beds by the trees
They are debating the the state of the world
While having some fish and milk for tea
The lady cats are moaning that there is so much work to do
And the men cats are all out playing
Typical typical the lady cats exclaim
On the day before Christmas

The top cat on the Bridge arrives
And shakes his head at the disorder
What is going on this year
You wont be ready you know
This chaos needs sorting
For the opening of the Bridge
On the day before Christmas

Suddenly the cats realize that they must get their tails in gear
And queues of helpers form
Thats it yes you do that and get the kittens to help
Well this is more like it says the top cat
And he rolls up his sleeves and gets stuck in
With moving all the presents to under the trees
On the day before Christmas

So all the cats and kittens are busy
And the preparations are coming together
Dishes of delicious food are placed on the tables
Cups and saucers are carefully put in place
Every cat has a present to give to their slave
And those who did not have a slave have been adopted
On the day before Christmas

The sky is growing dark and the first star appears
And on each side of the Bridge the cats and slaves line the path
Will we see our meowmy the ginger boys ask
Oh yes indeed say the blue eyed brothers
Its time for all those strokes you loved so much
And the headbutts you yearn to give
On the day before Christmas

The moon appears and its time
A mass purr erupts across the Bridge
The cats and slaves  rush towards each other
Just a tangle of fur and human hands
Its love  of a kind thats hard to imagine
Just for a short time on the path to the Bridge
On the day before Christmas

  :xmas 7: :xmas carol: :xmas 7:

The Day Before Christmas - on the Bridge (Part Eight 2014)

Hulp hulp hulp I am trying to get the invitations out  :pcprob: :pcprob:
Why does it always play up when I am running late?
I mean this is as big as Santa delivering presents
And I have no knomes only stacks of silly kittens!
Take a deep breath said the senior cat and just relax
It will all be OK, you know it will
On the day before Christmas

OK here we go, come to the Bridge on 24 December
Cats want to meet their humans, make it a night to remember
Strokes, fluffy head butts, kisses and paw holding
It will be just purrrrrrrfect from Catsondabridge.rbb
Phewwwwww all gone now except for those that come back undelivered
What is a cat supposed to do with those, sigh
On the day before Christmas

There is a queue of cats who arrived on the Bridge recently
Who want to send a message to their meowmys
One of the blue eyed brothers is teaching them how to send a rainbow
Some take a while to aquire the skills
Others are just so quick
But all will try very hard to tell their meowmys they are safe
On the day before Christmas

The cooking cat has lined up all the kittens to test taste
They are so excited they are all over the place meeping
When some goodies are brought out meeping becomes a stampede
A ginger cat boldly steps infront of the mass of fur and claws
And gently guides the kittens into lines
The silence is deafening, just munch munch munch
On the day before Christmas

The senior cat looks on with a grin on his face   :catlove:
Just think I was like that once!
A big welcome to all the new cats and kittens
This is a special time of year for everyone
The one night when the Bridge opens its gates for a short time
And you will all meet your meowmys again
On the day before Christmas

Time is moving on, many rainbows sent but still so much to do
We will organize by colours this year says the senior cat
Black, black and white and white dress the trees
Gingers,torties and blues put food on the tables
Not sure I trust that group, always some norty torties
Who have I missed oh yes the sensible tabby brigade
On the day before Christmas

Tabbies to the front please, you will fill in all the gaps
We must hurry to get everything done before the sky goes dark
The senior cat stands on the hill and surveys the scene
So beautiful and so happy he feels, its just purrrrfect
All the cats and kittens are starting to form a line
Each with something special for their meowmys
On the day before Christmas

They all watch as the first star and the moon appear
On the other side of the Bridge they can see so many
Nervous purrs, mews and meeps can be heard
Nearly time and the light shines on the gates of the Bridge
The path becomes clear, there are millions of them whispers a kitten
And the gates open for the happiest meeting of the year
On the day before Christmas
:xmas 8: :xmas 7: :xmas 8:

The Day Before Christmas on the Bridge (Pt 9 2015)

Ding dong merrily on high Ding dong merrily on high Ding dong merrily on high
Come on choir sing together please
Problems catmaster? said the senior cat with a grin
Thought it was quite jolly myself  :evillaugh:
If only they could get in tune and sing together!
I am sure by the time the Bridge opens its gate
They will be purrrrrrrfectly meowing in harmony
On the day before Christmas

My goodness what a noise said the head cook cat   :notlisten:
I think I need some furballs for my ears
We agree said the blue eyed boys
Surely the senior cat will not allow them to serenade our guests
I dont know cos he seems to think its quite fun
I will give them ding dong says a ginger cat
Me too said tabby one eye.
On the day before Christmas

Oh dear things are not going well this year says one of the twin cats
Usually everything is so organized
The trees havent been delivered yet and only a short time to go
I heard the weather  forecast and it wasnt good
Clouds, no moon, we wont be able to see the stars what are we to do?
It will be alright on the night said the senior cat
So dont get all mopey and sad
On the day before Christmas

Hark the herald cats sing, meeeeeeeeeeeow meeeeeeeeeeeow Following the star amongst the sheep
Thats it I resign said the catmaster!
Who needs a choir of cats anyway.
No dont go catmaster we are trying so hard
Please dont go say a bunch of soprano kittens
We need you says a bass cat without you we are lost
The catmaster mutters, you are already in the wilderness
On the day before Christmas

The senior cat takes the catmaster to one side
Come on tails up we need the choir and they will sound so good
With whiskers washed and bow ties on they will also be very smart
This will be good for the Bridge cats, loads of spirit and togetherness
The catmaster reluctently agrees OK I will try
But if they get one more cat amongst the sheep
I am leaving to live on desert island Bridge     :sneakin:   
On the day before Christmas

Over the hill come an army of cats carrying trees
Big trees little trees and giant trees needing many cats to carry one
The decorator cats are waiting patiently with boxes of things with kittens in!
Feathers and streamers are being turned into chaos
Balls are being tipped out and chased
Boxes are being turned into play castles and scratchers
Kittens behave says the senior cat with a bit of despair in his voice   
On the day before Christmas

It is just chaos say the Bridge commitee but why this year?
We will have to cancel the opening of the gate
Nooooooooooooooooooo we cant do that say all the cats
We need to meet our meowmys even for a short time
All their presents are wrapped and ready
They will be so disappointed if the gate doesnt open
Tears are starting to fall
On the day before Christmas

Call in the organizer cat immediately says the senior cat
She will sort it out and then we will be OK
The calico tortie walks smartly to the front and takes control
I appoint the following cats to take charge of each job
They will arrange their staff from all the other cats
Every cat must help and any with no jobs report to me
At last the cats know this will work
On the day before Christmas

Senior cat senior cat please come here quick
How can I help you gatekeeper cat?
Look who has just arrived I found her by the gate
She is so small and very hungry and needs a mama cat
The organizer cat comes over and says I will be her mama
She looks just like my kitten and I will get her settled
She will be looked after and loved forever
On the day before Christmas

The cats on the Bridge swing into action
Trees, tables, food, presents are all being sorted
Come my kitten I will introduce you to the other little ones
They will show you what to do and the cooking cat will give you food
The kitten looked at all the friendly cats and felt warm inside
She knew this was her forever home and where she belonged
Her new mama cat cuddled her close and she could not help but purr
On the day before Christmas

The sky is growing dark and the moon slides out from behind the clouds
Stars appear like magic twinkling far and wide
The choir gathers by the gate and look great in their bowties          :play:
And the catmaster is feeling proud because he knows  they are ready
The new mama cat gives a present to her kitten as a gift for her meowmy
I will show you the way when the gate opens so do not be scared
There is great excitement building  among all the cats on the Bridge
On the day before Christmas

The  gatekeeper cat walks along the path with his key
Silent night, silent night sing the choir in purrrrrfect harmony
The moon lights the path and on both sides of the gate movement begins
As the key is turned the path is revealed totally full on both sides
Meowmys and cats swarm across the gate holding out hands and paws
Gifts are exchanged strokes are given, purrs turn into roars
Happy tears are shed and once more on the Bridge there is total love
On the day before Christmas

 :xmas carol: :xmas carol: :xmas 8: :xmas carol: :xmas carol:

The Day Before Christmas on the Bridge (Pt 10 2016)

All the cats are sleeping under the stars and sky
Everything is peaceful with the sound of snores and purrs
The senior cat is still awake pondering the future
Last year was chaos and a repeat is not required
We must get things organised better this time
He starts to hatch a plan
The newest arrivals have still to settle its so hard at this time of year
On the day before Christmas

He calls together the Cat Committee
And says this year we must start off right
No messing about like last year lets be ready early
I will sort it out says the organizer cat
It will be back to normal with fun and games
Trees and decorations to be completed soon
The cooking cat agrees and says lets start now
On the day before Christmas

As the cats awake and have their morning food
There is excitement in the air
News is travelling all across the Bridge
Preparations for the special night will start right now
Computor cat stretches her fingers ready to send out the message
Kittens are jumping up and down what does this mean
The gatekeeper cat tells them soon our humans are coming
On the day before Christmas

Will I see my human says one of the newest girls
Oh yes she will bring you love and strokes
And you can give her a present
That will be great does it happen for all the cats
Indeed says the senior cat its an old tradition
But you must help the other cats to get things ready
And the blue-eyed brothers will show you how
On the day before Christmas

The ginger cats are plotting for another night of fun
One suggests they wear bowties
Another looks shocked and says no way!
See how good i look in my bowtie says a large fluffy ginger
But girl cats dont wear ties we would look silly
OK how about girls wearing Christmas bows
Says the senior ginger cat
On the day before Christmas

Agreement is made boys wear ties
And girls wear bows large and with patterns
A tabby strolls by and says whats going on
Nothing say the gingers who rush across the field
Tabby reports back to the others
Those gingers are up to something and we need to find out what
I think they are norty with their games
On the day before Christmas

The messages have gone from Rainbow
And all over cats in huddles can be seen
Oh no whats going on says the senior cat I smell fish in the air  :fish:
The tabby brigade are seriously flustered
And determined to find out the gingers secret
They send their kittens on a surveillance mission
To speak to the ginger kittens who do not know better
On the day before Christmas

Its ties and bows they say when they rush back
What do you mean asks the senior tabby cat
Thats what the gingers will be wearing
Noooo they are not showing us up we must have a plan
How about waistcoats says another tabby with a slow blink
A great idea say the tabby brigade
We can all wear different ones we will look so smart
On the day before Christmas

The rest of the cats get wind of goings on and a spy cat reports back
Gingers will wear bow ties and bows and tabbies will wear waistcoats
Oh nooooo say the other cats, what can we do?
A blue stands up and says i have an idea
The rest of us can wear hats and a gasp goes round
A tortie stands up and says yes and there are so many different hats
I mean there are lady hats and man hats, snow hats and sun hats
Now everyone is listening
On the day before Christmas

The search is on for hats, all hats, any hats
Top hats, bowlers, flat caps, crowns are they hats?
Trilbys, lady hats with flowers and feathers, beeds and things
So many hats in many styles and colours
Cowboy hats, berets says a French cat
Military hats and some so strange they have no name
Enough hats for all of us says a white cat
On the day before Christmas

The Cat Commitee silently move from group to group
And report back to the senior cat
They say its OK the cats are planning their clothes
WOT! says the senior cat cant their fur suits be enough
I think we should join the fun say the commitee cats
It will be a great sight and surprise the humans
And the senior cat sighs with  agreement
On the day before Christmas

While all this is going on the organizer cat has started work
She has groups of cats working on food, decorations, parcels and trees
Things are looking and smelling great
One of the blue-eyed boys has gone with his glamorous friend
To welcome the newest arrivals to the Bridge
He knows its always hard at this time of year but they will settle fast
They all walk back to get some special food to fill their tummys
On the day before Christmas

The night has come and the moon and stars light the mass of cats
Excitement is building as the clock counts down
Rainbow the gatekeeper cat walks towards the gate
Slowly the the pathes on both sides are getting  brighter
He can see the cats in all their special clothes
And the humans all waiting in expectation
Its always the same before the opening time
On the day before Christmas

The Rainbow Bridge opens its gates
And a gasp goes up from the human side
Mobiles start flashing to record the amazing sight
Of cats in bowties, bows, waistcoats and hats
The cats and humans rush towards each other and presents are exchanged
Tears and purrs all mingle on this special night
The cats take off their special clothes and give them to their humans
A forever memory of this years meeting
On the day before Christmas.

:xmas 8: :xmas carol: :xmas carol: :xmas 8:

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