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Blocked Bladder
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2006, 01:10:41 AM »
One of my cats, Dave, had to be rushed to the tonight.  I have been away for weekend and they were looked after.  I called him for tea and he didn't come and when i picked him up he bit me (totally out of character) and cried.  He then went and drank quite a bit of water and tried to go to toilet, but nothing came out.  I called vet who said to take him in.  His bladder is very full.  they are going to do blood tests to determine his potassiun levels and if these aren't too low express his bladder.  I am so worried about him.

Dave has no tail at all.  It was removed (before i had him) as a result of a RTA when he was a kitten.  His bladder was massaged frequently by a vet nurse as he had difficulties passing urine.  I have had him since May and have had no problems with him until now.

I wondered if cats who have had this once are more likely to have it again and if there is anything I can do which may help prevent further occurances. 

I know the vets will look after him, but i am still so worried and want him home.  thee vets are going to call me tomorrow.


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