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Caring for cats and kittens - handy guide
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Caring for cats and kittens:  This is a very informative and basic handy guide.  Well worth reading.

Subjects covered:

Is a cat the right pet for you?
Just answer yes or no to the following questions and find out…

The right choice
Cat or kitten?
Kittens look cute and cuddly, but they may not be the best choice for all cat owners-to-be: .....

Finding a cat or kitten
What to look for ....

Making a good home
Cats and kittens spend a lot of time sleeping and need a warm, dry comfortable place for snoozing......

Toilet Training
House training is the first lesson that every cat or kitten needs to learn. Most cats are instinctively very clean.....

Feeding well
You can feed adult cats with either tinned food or a mixture of fresh and prepared food. .....

Care for coats
Grooming .....

On the move
Whenever you take your cat anywhere by car it should be confined in a suitable, comfortable carrier. .....

Accidental pregnancy

Finding a vet
Even the very best kept and healthiest animals need veterinary attention. One of your first tasks should therefore be to register
your cat or kitten with a veterinary surgeon.....

Three of the most serious cat illnesses – feline infectious enteritis, feline influenza and feline leukaemia can all be prevented by vaccination.....

Other diseases and complaints

A kind end
Well cared for cats can live to a good age – sometimes 20 years or more. But if a cat is beginning to show signs of painful disability, has an incurable illness or severe injury, it should be gently put to sleep.....

The information is the opinion of the writer in the link to the website provided and is not a substitute for veterinary/professional advice.

Purrs Owners and Staff are not responsible for the content and information provided through links to other web sites.
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