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Re: Avon Cat rescue
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2008, 22:00:01 PM »
KC .... it's lovely that you are helping bring the cats at the Cat Resuce to everyone's attention.  I was wondering if they have a page on CatChat?  If they don't it might be something you might want to suggest to them.

FYI - CatChat is a wonderful site that  helps "advertise" kitties from rescues all over the country and each rescue gets it's own page .  This is the link to the the main CatChat site ... also the link to the rescues in Avon so you can see how it all works.  I would definately suggest you try and get them to use catchat to help with rehoming of their special furries:

BTW - Purrs is the "chat" side of Catchat ... we have a very close relationship with them.
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Avon Cat rescue
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2008, 21:11:06 PM »

They have many cats up for adoption, as well as cats that can't be re-homed that you can sponsor.
They are lovely people and look after so many cats  please do what you can for them.

I also have to push for Tate and Lyle to be re-homed they spent a few days at home with me and i have fallen in love with them, un-fortunately they had to go back.

They are 8yo brothers, Lyle was involved in a RTA and only has 3legs but both of them are absolutely lovely!



I'd love to see any of the cats find a home so please have a look   ;D
RIP Maz... welcome to the family Scud


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