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: New rescue cat
: heather sullivan December 25, 2017, 21:35:33 PM
After losing Tabby and Moses this year, we decided it is now time to give a home to another rescue cat.  Last Thursday I collected a 3 year old male cat from Second Chance Animal Rescue in Crockenhill, Kent. He was neutered on Wednesday and had lived with an older person who had gone into care. And of course, he was called, wait for it..................... Tiddles!!!!  :rofl: My mum, whose cat he will mostly be, said no way is he being called Tiddles so he has been renamed Simon Tiddles.   He is very friendly, a real lap cat, but sadly got a nasty dose of cold/cat flu so will be off to the vets next week. He is white, with a  black face, black ears, 2 black spots on his back, and a black tail. Will try and post a pic of him. He met Silvie. She hates him. He wants to play. She still hates him :evillaugh:. Lots of hissing and spitting but hopefully they will come round............. ;D
: Re: New rescue cat
: Judecat (Paula) December 26, 2017, 00:58:28 AM
Well done, Heather. :Luv: :Luv: :Luv:
: Re: New rescue cat
: Sue P (Paddysmum) December 26, 2017, 07:16:37 AM
Oh Heather.  How lovely.    :)  I like the Simon is still playful in spite of his illness, and hoping he makes a full recovery very quickly.  Silvie - be the bigger cat, take him under your wing and show him what's what. 
: Re: New rescue cat
: Desley (booktigger) December 26, 2017, 09:04:59 AM
Aww, can't wait to see a pic. She may accept him better once his hormones settle, which could take a few weeks. Good luck with the vets next week