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Title: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: tailtidy on January 27, 2014, 12:56:03 PM
Hi everyone, just thought i,d introduce myself and my cats,Manx And Kipp as we are newbies to the forum.I  adopted Manx And Kipp a few months ago from Whinnybank cat rescue in Newburgh after losing my beautiful 18 year old lady Smiley cat  :( i had to have her put to sleep as she was ill and still miss her terribly.
  I said i would never get another cat as it is too upsetting when they go but here i am a few months later with 2 gorgeous 8 year old boys/brothers Manx And Kipp.Initially they were very shy but now their personalities are showing and they are settling in well with me in their new forever home.They were abandoned by their previous owner and just left in a house >:( Sue at Whinnybank took them in and now they share their new forever home with me.They love to party at night in the house and i laugh and smile when i hear them running around playing with their toys.Kipp was suffering from terrible sickness at first and the vet checked him thoroughly saying it wasn,t anything sinister :turns out he is allergic to cereals in foods which i worked out so he now gets royal canin sensible 33 ,applaws pouches,fresh fish,etc :no more sickness and both boys have started putting on weight which is great. They also go crazy for Thrive chicken treats which contain no cereals,etc.Manx has chest problems, poor boy, which the vet thinks is Asthma:he had a chest infection for some time which i had treated but it,s left him with Asthma and he is receiving regular treatment including steroid injections to help his breathing.He still loves to run around with his toys though i watch him carefully incase he gets breathless.
  I bought the flying frenzy toy for them from purrs and they love it! Thanks Tan for the wonderful service i received.Kipp likes to jump to catch it but i play much more gently with it for Manx:he likes me to hide the feathers  then pounces on them and i fly it low down for him. :Luv:
  Amanda,Manx and Kipp
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Sue P (Paddysmum) on January 27, 2014, 13:09:16 PM
Hi there - a very big warm welcome to Purrs to you and the boys - and aren't they just splendid?!   :wow:

Am so sorry to hear about Smiley Cat.  It is  devastating when you lose them, and I think it's almost instinctive not to want to put yourself through more pain, but it's the flip side of loving anyone or anything, and on balance we must all reckon it's a price worth paying, because so many of us have, and wade right back in for more of the same. 

We've lost four beloved pets in the last 2 years, and it's been heartbreaking, but our two lads that we have now make it all worthwhile. 

So glad they love the Flying Frenzy toy - ours do too.
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Liz on January 27, 2014, 13:52:25 PM
Welcome to another Scottish person and their gorgeous kids, I know Whinneybank well such a great place

I am Mum to the Clan cats up in Aberdeenshire a mix of feral, domestic and pedigree and their pets my 3 Border Collies Sky, Sunny and Mist
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: jezebel on January 27, 2014, 14:59:50 PM

What gorgeous boys you have! I love black cats (have one myself) but Kipp's markings are particularly beautiful.
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Sam (Fussy_Furball) on January 27, 2014, 20:33:21 PM
 :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

I'm sure Smiley cat will be looking down with a big Smile, pleased that her mummy was able to open her heart and home to two lucky furbabes in need of all the love and care she obviously had with you.

Your new boys are gorgeous  :Luv2: :Luv2:
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: KittyNic on January 27, 2014, 21:33:14 PM
 :welcome: to Purrs!

Sorry to hear about Smiley cat. It's always sad to lose a part of the family.

What a beautiful pair of boys you have though! I'm glad you found space in your heart for these boys.
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: tailtidy on February 11, 2015, 22:23:44 PM
 :hug: A big thank you to everyone and my apologies for not thanking you all much sooner for the warm,friendly welcome;i can,t believe how quickly time has passed by since i adopted my beautiful,crazy boys Manx & Kipp and i didn,t even remember joining the forum at the time (i was still deeply upset at losing my gorgeous girl Smiley cat when i joined so my head was all over the place  :( i still miss Smiley terribly but i  tell her how much i love and miss her every day in the garden where she is at rest and i know she is smiling from rainbow bridge at me and the boys.
 Time has just flown by and i,ve also semi adopted a beautiful feral boy i,ve named Rossi (because he is so fast!) 8) he has been visiting the last few months and has even came into the house a few times on very cold nights though only stays 2 hours max. and then he tells me he wants to go :i made a little house outside for him too with self heat blankets ,tarpaulin ,etc and he is a very friendly,loving boy and likes to have his tummy tickled. Manx & Kipp were not very happy at first but now they just "accept" that he "comes around " :) i,ve attached photos of Rossi:isn,t he beautiful? ;) and also of Manx& Kipp ;they are doing so well now :)
 Sorry for the long delay in thanking everyone  :-[ and i hope to join in more often.It,s wonderful to hear from you all and of your furries too.
 Amanda xx
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Sue P (Paddysmum) on February 12, 2015, 07:03:08 AM

Hello Amanda - how lovely to see you back, and to get piccie updates too!   ;D  I particularly love the photo of Kipp laughing - gorgeous boy!  :Luv2:

Truthfully though, they're all three beautiful cats.  Rossi has very distinctive colour marking.    Cats have ways of adapting, by and large, and I'm not too surprised that Manx and Kipp have come to tolerate Rossi's visits.  Patience and care will overcome a great deal in a cat's life, and there is a tale on Purrs of a splendid cat called The General, who was an absolutely feral tom - committed outdoor cat, wary of people, unneutered, big (BIIIIG) and unkempt.

With the complicit connivance of two very determined ladies The General received uch patience and care as he'd never received in his life before.  Initially it bewildered him, buthe was never one to look a decent meal in the mouth.  His journey to "mostly house cat" was a gradual and painstaking one, but the difference that it made to that cat was mazing.  he's a bit of a cuddlebum now, and I suspect still can't quite believe his luck.  :evillaugh:

I think Smiley would be thrilled to see the love and affection  you had for her in abundance can be shared generously amongst others of her kind, and to see you happy in the process.   :hug:
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: emmmy_lou on February 12, 2015, 10:28:45 AM
 :welcome: what a gorgeous bunch you have  :Luv: good for you for adopting two 'older' cats as well.

Rossi is stunning! He looks like he may have some sort of pedigree in him? If only we could ask them what their story is  :(
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Lyn (Slugsta) on February 12, 2015, 17:11:37 PM
What lovely photo's; all so different, all so gorgeous  :Luv2:
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: tailtidy on February 12, 2015, 19:57:12 PM
Hi Sue, Emmy lou and Slugsta, thank you for the lovely comments re my boys  :Luv: yes, Rossi does have wonderful markings and if only he could talk he would no doubt have some amazing stories to tell .I haven,t seen him for the last few nights and was getting worried but he is eating his food as the bowls are empty when i check later at night so i know he,s been about :i think he is in the huff with me :( as he had fleas poor boy so i combed him with a flea comb although he enjoyed that but i also gave him Frontline spot on to kill the fleas and ticks should he get them too with being a wild boy 8) and he hasn,t knocked at the door since (he usually knocks my front door to tell me he wants in).
 That,s a fantastic story about The General, Sue  :) Rossi also is not neutered and doesn,t like other people around either as it scares him : a neighbour said he has been hanging around the distillery for some years which is across from me but no one there feeds him as the staff are not allowed to so he,s been a loner for some time but he seems to have accepted me and knows where his bread is buttered.  :wow: i,ve only lived here for a couple of years and have been putting food out for him for a while but it,s only recently he,s started to trust me and show what a loving affectionate boy he is by allowing me to tickle his tummy and stroke him,etc
 I,m hoping that he may eventually want to stay with me,Manx & Kipp and if he does i will get him neutered ;i was thinking of contacting Sue re him being neutered but at the moment i don,t want to spook him away by putting him in a carrier and taking him to the vet especially as he is obviously in the huff because of the flea and tick treatment  :P.
 Thank you for your kind words Sue re Smiley and as you say i,m sure she approves . Hope you are all well and your gorgeous furries too  :)
  :hug: Amanda xx PS 2 More photos of Manx & Kipp attached of them at play and watching what,s going on outside. :naughty:
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Lyn (Slugsta) on February 12, 2015, 22:28:33 PM
They are both very handsome and look younger than 8 years old  ;D I do hope that Mr Rossi forgives you and shows his face soon.
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: tailtidy on February 12, 2015, 22:59:02 PM
Thank you Slugsta  :hug:   they are 9 now though as you say ,they certainly don,t look their age (wish I knew their secret).Yes, I so hope Rossi knocks at the door very soon as I,m starting to get a bit worried now
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: mad_lilli on February 12, 2015, 23:26:51 PM
 :Luv2: all beauties. Xxx
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: tailtidy on February 12, 2015, 23:49:17 PM
 :hug: thank you:your furry looks gorgeous as well in the avatar photo  :Luv2:
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Sue P (Paddysmum) on February 13, 2015, 07:11:04 AM
More wonderful piccies - our lot love that battery operated "Cats Meeeow" toy too  ;D :evillaugh:

Any sign of Rossi yet?  :hug:  He'll get over it, don't worry.  A flea infestation if left untreated can make cats very ill, so you're just looking after his wellbeing.  It was no doubt a tremendous step forward for him to be attended to in such a way.  :-:  But I think he'll be back.  Just be patient, as you have been all this time.

Sending snoozles to Kipp and Manx (9 years old?  Surely not - they're just youngsters!  ;D)
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: hollycat on February 13, 2015, 17:12:01 PM

Hello and welcome to Purrs. I'm late as usual  ;D
Gorgeous mogs, love the pics ;D
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: tailtidy on February 20, 2015, 11:18:54 AM
Thanks hollycat ;your furries are beautiful as well  :Luv:
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Sue P (Paddysmum) on February 20, 2015, 11:21:36 AM

Hi Amanda.  Has Rossi put in an appearance yet?
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: tailtidy on February 20, 2015, 11:33:08 AM
Hi Sue,the cats meow toy is fantastic isn,t it? Is that Paddy in your avatar photo?: he is gorgeous  :Luv: the flea infestation has caused poor Rossi to break out in a terrible ,inflamed rash around his groin  :( I took photos of the rash and of his tail which is also in a terrible state with sores and showed them to my vet as he agreed to give me steroids and anti biotics for Rossi to help him.Ideally the vet wants to see Rossi but it,s near impossible for me to get him to the vet as he only visits for a few hours at night and although he is a gentle,loving boy I don,t think I,d be able to get him in one of the cat carriers to transport him to the vet.I also don,t want to frighten him as have only recently gained his trust.
 Rossi came back a few nights ago and the fleas appear to have gone but they have left their mark on poor Rossi: he is taking the steroids as I wrap them in Thrive treats but he didn,t eat the anti biotic which the vet told me to sprinkle on his Applaws tuna so I,m getting a different anti biotic today which I can also wrap inside the treats for him. I,m very worried about him  :(  and if he doesn,t respond to the medication then I,m going to have to ask Sue at Whinnybank if she can trap him for me to get him to the vet for injections to treat the rash and sores on his wee tail ( the vet and i think they are bite marks from fighting whereas the rash is from flea bites).The only other option is I phone the vet to come out when Rossi is next in the house at night and the vet can inject him here so hopefully he will respond to the tablets). Amanda
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: tailtidy on February 20, 2015, 11:38:58 AM
Hi Sue, I was just typing about Rossi at the same time you were posting,  :) he is back thank goodness but is worse for wear ;I,m hoping he will respond to the medication from my vet.I,ve taken photos of Rossi,s rash around his groin and of his tail which have sores on it. Poor Rossi wouldn,t let me touch his tail the other night so he must be in pain  :(  and I,m very worried about him
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Sue P (Paddysmum) on February 20, 2015, 11:43:32 AM
Poor little chap.  They're the very devil, fleas.   Am glad at least you've been able to get some steroids and AB's albeit a bit intermittent.  I can understand you not wanting to breach Rossi's trust so soon after his last scare.

Ideally if Sue at Whinneybank was able to volunteer her expertise in cat-napping, you could get him to the vet, get him neutered and get his skin sores treated at the same time.  I reckon buy the time he came round from ther anaesthetic, he'd probably be so glad to eat, he'd be yours for life.  Understand your reluctance though, unless absolutely necessary.    :hug:
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: tailtidy on February 20, 2015, 12:12:37 PM
Yeah fleas indeed are nasty ,horrible things ; I was actually thinking about getting Rossi neutered as well as the vet was telling me that a couple of ladies from Cats Protection in Murthly near Perth (which is closer for me than Sue) have been at his practice recently and had 4 ferals neutered and treated for fleas,etc. The women trap them and are very good at doing this the vet said so I may even contact them about trapping Rossi at some point as it would be best to have him neutered and I will also pay for him to get inoculated at the same time. My vet is in Birnam and he has "officially" registered Rossi as" my boy" /a patient now; I know Sue at Whiinybank is very,very busy;i keep in touch with her and it might be too far for her to come out to trap Rossi so at least I know of the ladies at Murthly. When Rossi visits tonight I,ll check him over to see if the rash and sores are starting to heal and keep giving him the steroids ( the vet gave me a 12 day supply and today is the 4th day) and will start his new anti biotics tonight as well. As you say, he probably would be so glad to eat after the anaesthetic that he would still want to come around
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Lyn (Slugsta) on February 20, 2015, 21:15:54 PM
I'm very glad that Mr Rossi has returned, I do hope that he soon responds to the medication.
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Sue P (Paddysmum) on February 21, 2015, 12:40:41 PM
So got my fingers crossed you may be able to get Rossi neutered as well as treated for his skin problem and the fleas.  It would really be beneficial for him long term, and I have a feeling he may become much more of a settled cat as a result.
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: tailtidy on February 27, 2015, 09:28:19 AM
Hi Sue, Rossi is responding very,very well to the meds and i am over the moon  :) the rash on his groin has completely gone as have the sores on his tail ;he even let me touch his tail last night when he knocked at the door to come in.
 I was meant to be going away last night and was waiting on my taxi to take me to the train station when Rossi knocked and decided he wanted in: i had to cancel my hotel room and the taxi and the hotel said that they will still charge me so i,m not impressed ;i also still paid the taxi as had booked him in advance and didn,t feel it was fair on the driver so i just paid him the fare. I wasn,t feeling very well as it was so Rossi appearing was perhaps a blessing as i still don,t feel too great today so am not going to the event.
 Rossi stayed in the house longer than i expected but it gave me the chance to check his rash and sore tail (i,ve attached photos of how it looked before the meds and will take some of how the areas look now). I will seriously think about getting him neutered long term and inoculated too; i did phone Sue last week and left a message for her but she hasn,t phoned me back yet.
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: tailtidy on February 27, 2015, 09:32:27 AM
Thanks Slugsta :Rossi is responding very,very well to the meds and i,m over the moon with his progress  :)
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Judecat (Paula) on May 02, 2015, 10:43:55 AM
Hi Amanda, any updates on Rossi (I'm a Valentino fan as well :evillaugh:), your other two are fantastic too :Luv: :Luv2:
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: tailtidy on May 26, 2015, 22:51:08 PM
Hi Jude,great to see another Valentino fan on purrs and sorry i,ve not replied sooner but there has been developments with Rossi and he moved in with me which i never,ever expected. :shocked: Nearly 2 weeks ago he suddenly decided to move in but it caused my 2 cats to become very distressed and i was confined to the house as Rossi followed me everywhere;he is such a loving,affectionate little boy. I didn,t want to reply to your post until i knew what was happening and Rossi is now with a lovely lady,Heather in Inverness /Inverness Cat Rescue and he went just today.
 I had to keep Rossi and my cats apart as fighting broke out (my boys even fought with each other while Rossi was living in the house) and i had to cancel appointments,rely on friends to do shopping,etc as Rossi just wouldn,t let me leave his side. He was in my living room and i had to try and sleep on the couch as he wanted in and out at night and also had to split myself between Rossi and my boys so i was exhausted.
 Rossi had been in a home environment at some point in his life and loved me to stroke and brush him ;he also used a litter tray and was not a full feral as i,d thought he was. A few weeks ago he nearly got ran over as crossed a main road to get to me for his food,etc and i began waiting on him after that for a few hours at night to make sure he got across okay:i was out in pouring rain,wind,snow,hail with hot water bottles and waterproofs on waiting for him and people thought i was mad  :Crazy:but supportive too.
 I tried everywhere to find a re homing centre and was let down badly by Cats Protection (will explain in another post);CP said they would help me and i waited on them coming out for Rossi but only found out 5 days later after emails with all thee different "staff whom i hadn,t even spoken with" that the branch is not a re homing centre which they did not tell me;i,d built my hopes up waiting on them coming for Rossi and as they let me down i tried loads of places for help with re homing him but all had "no room at the inn" and i was in a terrible state just about breaking down.
 I found Heather and she is an angel  :) she was the only one who understood the situation i was in and said she would take Rossi :he was checked for a micro chip but didn,t have one. Heather came out today to collect Rossi all the way from Inverness and Rossi was great with her; i was crying when he went(and crying still as i write) but i know it is best for him,my cats and me as i wanted to keep him but my 2 cats just wouldn,t have it and they had already went through enough being rescue cats themselves. I also was very upset that he may be killed or injured crossing the main road to get to me. Heather took him to the vet and he has been neutered ,had all his jabs,checked over by the vet and microchipped and Heather said he is doing well(i,ve attached a photo of Rossi taken just a few days ago and one Heather sent after his surgery today). I did try to find his original owner but no one claimed him and he had been roaming in this area living feral for a few years so possibly he was dumped  :( . I, have every faith in Heather and confident she will find Rossi a new loving,caring forever home: everyone has commented on what a handsome boy he is  :Luv2: so Rossi is now just waiting to find that special person and special forever home.I looked after and cared for him feeding him Applaws,Royal Canin, chicken ,tuna,treats,etc..etc ,gently stroking his chin,chest and tummy which he loved,telling him how beautiful he is and was very honoured that he chose and trusted me:i do feel i betrayed him but everyone has said i done very well by him and was the only one who ever, in all the time he roamed this area(about 3- 4 years or so) gave him the love ,care and attention which was all he ever really wanted.
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Gill (sneakiefeline) on May 27, 2015, 00:24:54 AM
I nso hope he gets the home he deserves  :hug: :hug:

Purrs is sick tonight and all the pics have vanished
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Sue P (Paddysmum) on May 27, 2015, 06:51:29 AM

You've achieved bundles with Rossi - well done.  A sensible decision to take as yours didn't get along with Rossi, and hopefully he wont have long to wait before someone recognises his potential and takes him on into his loving Forever Home.   Well done to you and to the lovely Heather too, for giving this lad a second chance.   :hug: :hug:  You are lovely!
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: tailtidy on May 27, 2015, 13:19:38 PM
Thanks Sue and Gill for the support as i,ve been beating myself up feeling i betrayed Rossi  :( but it,s good to have support and i know that whoever re homes Rossi will be very,very lucky:he is the most affectionate cat i have ever known (much more affectionate than my 2 cats put together!) I,ve attached another photo sent by Heather today(Rossi getting his morning cuddles) and one taken last week in my living room (it,s a bit dark as he has blue eyes and is much whiter):Heather said he is such an affectionate boy:even the vet took a liking to Rossi saying he is so handsome  :Luv2:
 I do miss Rossi terribly but it was good to get a sleep in bed last night though my 2 boys sat at the living room patio door all night waiting to see if Rossi would appear; my 2 cats are much less stressed today which is good  :) and they seem happy to have their home back. I miss going to the bin and Rossi following me wrapping himself around my legs with his head and bum held high but know deep down i,ve done the right thing and Heather will make sure he goes to the right person.
 Amanda xx
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Sue P (Paddysmum) on May 27, 2015, 13:31:24 PM

Amanda - you so did not betray Rossi - anything but.  You rehabililtated him, and have paved the way for his next step in his journey.  He looks very happy in those two photographs.

He's an extremely handsome cat, and from the sounds of it, a very loving one too, who should hopefully get a home toot sweet.

You've managed to do something which is extremely difficult to do - you've stayed true to Kipp and Manx, and you've eased Rossi forward to something very promising in Heather's capable hands, once it became apparent the boys weren't going to settle with a third permanent member of the family.  Letting go takes guts and courage, and is also a very unselfish act.   :Luv: :hug:
Title: Re: Newbie/s Saying Hello
Post by: Lyn (Slugsta) on May 27, 2015, 20:38:49 PM
Amanda  :hug: I understand why you feel that you betrayed Rossi, but to feel that way does not make it fact. You did your very best for this lovely boy but you also have to consider the welfare of your 2 furbabies. You have kept him safe and well until he was ready for a home and you worked so hard to find someone who would take him. I don't think it will be long before someone else loses their heart to him.